Meld 2.0

Updated 02.19.24

You’ve been using an old Meld… we’ve made it better! With an emphasis on usability, you can now get more information in less clicks. Finding things in Meld used to be difficult – not anymore.

By default, the new UI will not be active. Look for this toggle on your main dashboard:

Skip to a specific section:

Classic tools, easier to find.

  • Practical Navigation
    Navigate between pages, quickly.

  • Deeper Search
    Find exactly what you need, faster.

  • Meld (Details) Transparency
    Communicate and understand the state of a Meld, in seconds.

And new tools, built in.

  • Nearby Melds (coming soon)
    Curb road time with a map to plan Technician routes, efficiently.

  • Watchlist (coming soon)
    So. Many. Notifications. Choose only the Melds you want to follow.

  • Meld Merging (coming soon)
    Combine duplicate Melds without losing important details.

And don’t worry, you can toggle the “old Meld” back on, if you need to find something specific.

Look for this toggle in your app

Updated Navigation

Here’s where to find everything from the old navigation:

Comparison of the Settings dropdown:

Search Results

A more comprehensive search experience is here, with tools to get what you need faster.

Updated Details Pages

  • Meld Details
  • Unit Details
  • Property Details
  • Property Groups
  • Resident Details
  • Vendor Details
  • Owner Details
  • Expenditure Details
  • Invoice Details
  • Recurring Meld Details
  • PropertyCare+ Details

You’ll see that these pages have a continuous theme – all details are visible at a glance, without having to rifle through multiple tabs.

Notable Upgrades

Most of the details pages have the same organizational structure. If you become familiar with one details page, becoming familiar with all of them is pretty seamless. Here are some of the notable upgrades to look for.

Details Panel

This panel can be found on all details pages, and is a quick way to see all of the basic details about a unit, property, property group, vendor, resident, etc. The icon at the top is a new way to quickly distinguish where you’re at within the app.

Additionally, statuses are clearly visible, with color-coded labels.

Maintenance Limit

Maintenance limits can now be set on Property pages.


Property Level notes can now be edited in Property Meld.

Sorting and Search Functionality

As with before, the list of Units and Property Level Melds is available, but now Unit Level Melds have been added, and specific items can be found using the new search bar. Additionally, you can now sort your results by clicking the name associated with the column.

Batch File Actions

The files displayed on unit, resident, and vendor pages can easily be downloaded one at a time, or in a batch by selecting the action drop down.

What's Next?

Watch for a completely new way to navigate Property Meld, coming very soon.