Meld Merging

Easily combine duplicate Melds while retaining essential details.

Meld Merging is ideal for residents of the same property submitting Meld requests for the same issue, or for residents submitting duplicate property-level Melds, like a broken elevator or frozen pipes.

It can also be used to combine similar jobs at a residence into one Meld (ie: 2 different plumbing jobs).

*Meld Merging is available to all Standard Pricing customers. Learn more

Meld Merging is only visible in Meld 2.0

If you don’t currently have Meld 2.0 toggled on, this is the easiest way:

Here's how Meld Merging works

First, go into a Meld that you would like to merge into another. It’s important to note that the Meld you are viewing will be merged into the one you select from the merge list, and will inherit the details of that parent Meld. Details such as the urgency and date to complete will be based on this Meld’s information, although it can be edited once the merge is complete.

Next, navigate to “Assignment” on the right side, and click “Assign”. Any open status Melds can be merged.

Here, you’ll see the duplicate Melds that can be merged.

Once you’ve selected the Melds you want to merge, click “Merge Meld”. Here, you can view the hierarchy of the merge, before committing.

Now you’ll see that your Melds have merged into one, on the Melds list. Inside of the Meld, the details from the other Melds will be displayed.

Find more in-depth tutorials in the Property Meld Help Center.